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NASA Glenn Civil Servant SiC Researchers

Smart Sensors and Electronics Systems Branch

Dr. Lawrence G. Matus, Chief
(216) 433-3650

Dr. Glenn M. Beheim
SiC Sensors, Etching, and Device Processing
(216) 433-3847

Dr. Gary W. Hunter
SiC Gas Sensors
(216) 433-6459

Ms. Jennifer L. Jordan
SiC RF Devices and Sensors
(216) 433-5661

Dr. George E. Ponchak
SiC RF Devices and Sensors
(216) 433-3504
Dr. David J. Larkin
SiC Epitaxy and Nanodevices
(216) 433-8718

Dr. Michael A. Lienhard
SiC Epitaxy and Nanodevices
(216) 433-8932

Mr. Roger D. Meredith
SiC Device Fabrication and Testing
(216) 433-3089

Dr. Philip G. Neudeck
SiC Electronic Devices
(216) 433-8902

Dr. Robert S. Okojie
SiC MEMS, Sensors, and Contacts
(216) 433-6522

Mr. Maximillian C. Scardelletti
SiC RF Devices and Sensors
(216) 433-9704

Mr. David J. Spry
SiC Device Processing
(216) 433-3361

Dr. Jennifer C. Xu
SiC Gas Sensors
(216) 433-6669

Materials Chemistry & Physics Branch

Vadim Lvovich, Chief
(216) 433-5261

Dr. Andrew A. Woodworth
SiC Power Device Materials Characterization
(216) 433-3544